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1   BSE Circular Scheme of Arrangement (Demerger) of Cox &Kings Limited. 19-Oct-2018     
2   BSE Circular New ISIN Damodar Industries Limited 19-Oct-2018     
3   BSE Circular Buyback NALCO 19-Oct-2018     
4   BSE Circular Buyback KIOCL 19-Oct-2018     
5   MCX Circular Revision in Margin 15-Oct-2018     
6   BSE Circular SGB 15-Oct-2018     
8   NSE CIRCULAR Additional Margins in Equity Derivatives Segment 13-Oct-2018     
9   NSE CIRCULAR Additional Margins in Capital Market Segment 13-Oct-2018     
10   NSE CIRCULAR CHANGE IN ISIN 13-Oct-2018     
11   NSE Circular CTT 13-Oct-2018     
12   NCDEX Launch of COmmodity Options in CHANA GUAR REFSOYAOIL SOYABEEN 08-Oct-2018     
13   NCDEX Trade_Timings_Revised_evening_trading_hours_05102018 06-Oct-2018     
14   NSE Circular Revision of Price Bands Annexure to Notice 06-Oct-2018     
15   BSE Circular Revision of Price Bands Annexure to Notice 06-Oct-2018     
16   NSE Circular Suspension of trading in equity shares - Assam Company India Limited 06-Oct-2018     
17   NSE Circular Change in Name of the Company – Flexituff International Limited 06-Oct-2018     
18   Exit Option of Assam Company India Limited 06-Oct-2018     
19   BSE Circular CHange in Name FLEXITUFF 06-Oct-2018     
20   BSE Circular Buyback JB CHEMICALS PHARMACEUTICALS LTD 06-Oct-2018     
21   Suspension of trading in securities of Moser-Baer (I) Limited 05-Oct-2018     
22   NSE Circular Change in Constituent of Indices 25-Sep-2018     
23   BSE OTB WEIZMANN FOREX 25-Sep-2018     
24   BSE Circular Delisting of Scripts 25-Sep-2018     
25   BSE Circular CHange in Name of COmpany 25-Sep-2018     
26   BSE CIrcular Bonus Issue of Igarshi Motors 25-Sep-2018     
27   BSE Circular OTB Sonal Mercantile Limited 17-Sep-2018     
28   BSE Circular LKP Finance Limited 17-Sep-2018     
29   NSE Circular Additional Surveillance Margin 13-Sep-2018     
30   BSE Circular Change in name of company IDEA 13-Sep-2018     
31   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Mehai Technology Limited 13-Sep-2018     
32   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Darshan Orna Limited 13-Sep-2018     
33   OTB Sonal Mercantile Limited 11-Sep-2018     
34   OTB LKP Finance Limited 11-Sep-2018     
35   OTB HCL Technologies Limited 11-Sep-2018     
36   BSE Circular Change in Name of Company 11-Sep-2018     
37   MCX Circular Revision in Threshold limit for concentration margin 08-Sep-2018     
38   BSE Circular Change in Name of Company 08-Sep-2018     
39   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Yuken 08-Sep-2018     
40   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Godrej Consumer 07-Sep-2018     
41   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Glaxo 07-Sep-2018     
42   NSE CIrcular Physical Settlement Schedule F&O 06-Sep-2018     
43   BSE Circular Suspension of lanco Infratech 06-Sep-2018     
44   BSE Circular Buyback J B Chemicals 06-Sep-2018     
45   BSE Circular Buyback Dhanuka Commercials 06-Sep-2018     
46   NSE Circular Settlement Schedule TCS Buyback 05-Sep-2018     
47   NSE Circular Adjustment of Future COntracts in GOREJCP 05-Sep-2018     
48   MCX Circular CLearing and Settlement Holidays 05-Sep-2018     
49   BSE Circular Settlement Schedule TCS Buyback 05-Sep-2018     
50   BSE Circular Scheme of Demerger ADNIENT 05-Sep-2018     
51   NSE Circular Adjustment of Future Contracts in GODREJCP 01-Sep-2018     
52   MCX Commencement of Future trading in GOLDGUINEA 01-Sep-2018     
53   NSE Circular OFS LTI 31-Aug-2018     
54   NSE Circular Pre open call auction in ADANIENT 31-Aug-2018     
55   NSE Circular Adjustment of F&O Contract in ADANIENT 31-Aug-2018     
56   Early_Pay_in_Facility_for_Farmer_Producer_Organisation_(FPO)_29082018 30-Aug-2018     
57   BSE Circular Introdcution of F&O on BHARAT22 30-Aug-2018     
58   MCX Circular Commencment of Future Trading in Natural Gas November COntract 29-Aug-2018     
59   NSE Circular Dissemination Board 29-Aug-2018     
60   NSE Circular Adjustment in F&O Contracts of INFY 29-Aug-2018     
61   NSE Circular Adjustment in F&O Contracts of INFY Details 29-Aug-2018     
62   NSDL Circular transferof shares 29-Aug-2018     
63   BSE Circular OTB Swagruha infrastructure Limited 27-Aug-2018     
64   BSE Circular Bonus Issue of Infosys Limited 27-Aug-2018     
65   NSE Circular revision in settlement mechanism for Jetairways and Star 21-Aug-2018     
66   NSE Circular Z Category 21-Aug-2018     
67   NCDEX Circular Pre Expiry Margins Revision in Undecorticated Cotton seed oilcake (COCUDAKL) 20082018 21-Aug-2018     
68   NCDEX Circular Non genuine Trades 21-Aug-2018     
69   mcx circular rubber delivery 21-Aug-2018     
70   MCX Circular Commencement of Trading in crudeoil option contract 21-Aug-2018     
71   MCX Circular Abnormal Non Genuine Trades 21-Aug-2018     
72   BSE circular z group 21-Aug-2018     
73   BSE CIrcular OTB Monsanto India Limited 21-Aug-2018     
74   bse circular otb goldcrest corporation limited 21-Aug-2018     
75   BSE Circular Compulsory Delisting of companies 21-Aug-2018     
76   NSE Circular Adjustment of Future Contract CHENNPETRO 14-Aug-2018     
77   NCDEX Circular Discontinuation_Guarseed 1MT Contract 14-Aug-2018     
78   MCX Circular Commencement of Trading in Rubber Contract 14-Aug-2018     
79   MCX Circular Commencement of Trading in GOLD Options Contract 14-Aug-2018     
80   MCX Circular Commencement of trading in gold contract 14-Aug-2018     
81   MCX Circular Commencement of trading in Cadamom 14-Aug-2018     
82   BSE CIrcular OTB Monsanto India Limited 14-Aug-2018     
83   BSE Circular OFS DPSC Limited 14-Aug-2018     
84   BSE Circular Change in Group 14-Aug-2018     
85   NCDEX Circular Preponment_Expiry_Coriander_Wheat_expiring_August202018_08082018 11-Aug-2018     
86   NCDEX Circular Launch_Chana_Cotton_Degummed_soy_oil_contracts_03082018 11-Aug-2018     
87   NCDEX Circular Revised_Settlement_Calendar_08082018_1 11-Aug-2018     
88   NSE Circular Change in ISIN Airan Limited 11-Aug-2018     
89   BSE Circular New ISIN Thirumalai Chemicals 11-Aug-2018     
90   BSE Circular Name Change STAR 11-Aug-2018     
91   BSE Circular Bonus issue of karur vysya bank 11-Aug-2018     
92   MCX Circular COMRIS 07-Aug-2018     
93   BSE Circular Revision in Price Band 07-Aug-2018     
94   NSE Circular Revision in Price Band 07-Aug-2018     
95   Approved List of Securities as Collateral in MCX Segment 06-Aug-2018     
96   Approved List of Securities as Collateral in NSE F&O Segment 06-Aug-2018     
97   Approved List of Securitie as Collateral in NSECDS Segment 06-Aug-2018     
98   Approved List of Securities as Collateral in MSEI CDS Segment 06-Aug-2018     
99   Face Value Split Thirumalai Chemicals Limited 04-Aug-2018     
100   Face Value Split Airan 04-Aug-2018     
101   Consolidation of equity shares of Signet Industries Limited 04-Aug-2018     
102   Change in Group of Equity shares of Ashnisha Industries Limited 04-Aug-2018     
103   BSE Circular Buyback Music Broadcast 04-Aug-2018     
104   OFS LTTS 02-Aug-2018     
105   NSE Circular Adjustment in F&O Contracts of CHENNPETRO 01-Aug-2018     
106   NCDEX Circular F&O Contracts Launched in August 01-Aug-2018     
107   SEBI BULLETIN 30-Jul-2018     
108   Undertaking for Trading in Commodity Options 28-Jul-2018     
109   NSE List of Approved Securities for NCDEX 20-Jul-2018     
110   MCX Commodity Options 07-May-2018     
111   Exchange Surveillance Actions 28-Jul-2018     
112   Investor Grievance Redress Mechanism – New Policy Measures 23-Jul-2018     
113   mcx circular new contracts.pdf 18-Jun-2018     
114   mcx circular zinc options.pdf 18-Jun-2018     
115   mcx circular commencement of gold option contract.pdf 18-Jun-2018     
116   BSE CIRCULAR ANNEXURE GSM 23-Feb-2018     
117   BSE CIRCULAR ANNEXURE S GROUP 23-Feb-2018     
119   BSE CIRCULAR GSM 23-Feb-2018     
120   BSE CIRCULAR S FRAMEWORK 23-Feb-2018     
122   nse circular derivatives fortis. 23-Feb-2018     
123   nse circular dissemination board. 23-Feb-2018     
124   nse circular exchange traded currency 23-Feb-2018     
125   nse circular launch of currency options 23-Feb-2018     
126   nse circular rajoil delisting cancellation 10-Feb-2018     
127   nse circular delisting nicco 10-Feb-2018     
128   nse circular cm multiple settlement 10-Feb-2018     
129   nsdl circular ndu 10-Feb-2018     
130   bse otb sjvn 10-Feb-2018     
131   bse otb aarti 10-Feb-2018     
132   bse circular otb claris 10-Feb-2018     
133   Annexure_FO_Collateral 05-Dec-2017     
134   Investor Awareness on IPO 23-Nov-2015     
135   Revised Lot Siz in F&O 30-Oct-2017     
137   Notice for Offer for Sale_ Swaraj AutomotivesSigned 26-Sep-2017     
138   BSE T2T LIST_2 26-Sep-2017     
139   BSE T2T LIST_1 26-Sep-2017     
140   BSE T2T CIRCULAR 26-Sep-2017     
141   BSE OFS Swaraj Automotives 26-Sep-2017     
142   BSE OFS Swaraj Automotives ACTIVITIES SCHEDULED 26-Sep-2017     
143   BSE GSM LIST 26-Sep-2017     
144   BSE GSM CIRCULAR 26-Sep-2017     
145   Aadhar Card mandatory from 31.12.2017 19-Sep-2017     
146   MCX Options Cycle 19-Sep-2017     
147   Dealings between a Client and a Stock Broker 14-Jun-2017     
148   RDD for trading in MCX Options 17-Aug-2017     
149   OFS of RCF 29-Jun-2017     
150   OFS of RCF 29-Jun-2017     
151   Exclusion of Futures & options Contracts in Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited (ABIRLANUVO) 27-Jun-2017     
152   Securities moving out of Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM) 27-Jun-2017     
153   Introduction of Futures & Options Contracts on 5 Additional Individual Securities 27-Jun-2017     
154   Exclusion of Futures and Options contracts on SINTEX 20-Jun-2017     
155   PMLA Policy 14-Oct-2016     
156   Linking of Demat Accounts of Individuals with their AADHAR 12-Apr-2017     
157   BSE transaction charges for the “XC”, “XD”, “XT” and “Z” groups 29-May-2017     
158   Revision in Market Lot of Derivative Contracts on Individual Stocks 30-Jun-2016     
159   Trading in Sovereign Gold Bonds 10-Jun-2016     
160   Introduction of Weekly Options contracts on BANKNIFTY Index 25-May-2016     
161   PRO DISCLOSURE_MCX/NCDEX 18-May-2016     
162   MCX_Circular109-2014 ANNEXURE-1 22-Feb-2016     
163   MCX_Circular No.: MCX/C&S/109/2014 22-Feb-2016     
164   MCXTS1952015 Gold Global 08-Jul-2015     
165   Email & SMS Alert to Investors 12-Aug-2014     
166   Revision of STT charges in NSE Segment 31-May-2013     
167   For DD/Cheques 09-Jun-2011     
168   SEBI Circular for Margin Shortage Penalty 10-Aug-2011     
169   Global Indices on NSE 25-Aug-2011     
170   Margin Circular by NCDEX 03-Mar-2012     

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