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Software Traits
 Diet ODIN 10x Setup is a high speed trading terminal for your desktop
 Streaming quotes for real time rates across multiple exchanges
 Options to open market watch in excel to facilitate analysis on live data
 Facility to process Bulk order and Grid order entry
 Get market status at a glance with Heat Map
 Online fund transfer from more than 25 banks.
 Intraday, Continuous and Historical charts with 63 technical indicators
 Integrated market watch along with alert facility
 Integrated backoffice to access account information
Technical Specifications
For An Ideal Trading Terminal
A. Minimum Hardware Requirements for your PC :
  1. Intel Dual Core / Core 2 Duo / Core i3 Processor.
  2. Intel Original / Chipset Motherboard Compatible with the Processor./li>
  3. 2 GB RAM.
  4. Optional DVD-RW.
  5. SATA / IDE Hard Disk Drive: 80 GB or above.
  6. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse as per individual choice.
B. Minimum Software Requirements for your PC :
  1. Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 / Windows 7.
  2. Critical patching of Windows XP / Windows 7 with all recent updates from Microsoft Website.
  3. Licensed Antivirus viz. Quick Heal / Kaspersky or any other good AV softwares available in the market. - Installation should be followed by regular virus definition updates.
  4. Remote Access Software - TeamViewer / Show My PC / Ammyy Admin.
  5. Compression / Extraction Utility :WinZip / WinRar
  6. ODIN Trader Work Station ver. / Diet ODIN ver. and other relevant utilities can be downloaded from RKGlobal's registered Website (www.rkglobal.net).
  1. Use your PC only as a Trading Terminal.
  2. Install such Softwares needed for Trading Purpose only.
  3. Keep your PC in a well ventilated place so that it doesn’t gets heated up over a prolonged use.
  4. Your Computer’s hardware & Operating System maintenances are solely your responsibility. So make sure that the Processor, Motherboard, Memory & Hard Disk are of such brands and configurations which will give you an optimum performance when integrated as a unit.
  5. Always use genuine licensed softwares to avoid any legal hassles and also to avail critical updates & supports from their developers.
  1. Never install Computer Games (either Online from Websites or from CDs’) in your Trading Terminal.
  2. Never use your Trading Terminal as a Multimedia Home PC.
  3. Never use your Trading Terminal for web surfing or for checking inappropriate websites. Take necessary caution while checking your web-mails or other trading related and important websites or search engines.
  4. Never open e-mails or attachments from unknown sources.
  5. Never overlook any O.S. related errors or Antivirus warnings. Instead take appropriate corrective actions to rectify the problems within reasonable time to continue getting optimum performance from your computer.
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